LiveChat Integrated

We want that you can talk to every single visitor of your website. Don't just show them, talk to them. you've the best services to offer and you can entertain them the

  • No monthly subscription
  • Monitor Website Visitors
  • Answer Chat from Mobile Device
  • Built-in Ticketing
  • Unlimited Agents*
  • Chat History
  • +much much more...

Seamless ProHire

AvanHire integrates seamlessly with ProHire. It is the best vehicle hire website solution where Prohire not only seamlessly integrats enabling real time availability, online reservations, e-commerce payments and fleet management but you control how to display the ProHire on your website.

  • Integrate Prohire Form
  • Real-time availibity
  • Seamless integration within website
  • +much much more...

Many Many more features

  • Multidevice support
  • Native Content Management System
  • SEO: highly optimised for best SEO results
  • Online Bookings Management
  • Sales & Leasing Module
  • 24/7 Support:
  • Your own cloud app integration with 10GB space
  • +much much more...