Evolve: let's future-proof your website.

Let's take a peek at what we've been working on and what's your new vehicle rental & hire website is all about!!

ProHire Integration

AvanHire dynamically integrates Prohire in your website, for real-time availibility, online reservations, payments and fleet management.

Native + Google Analytics

A unique combination of in-built and Google Analytics offers you the best picture of your website performance and statistics.

Social Media

Seamless integration & embedding with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media helps you reach large numbers of potential customers.

Content Management

With our dynamic and user-friendly interface you can easily manage content, add vehicles, edit images, change specs and more.

List your fleet

AvanHire allows you to list an unlimited number of vehicles asorted in unlimited categories. Show off all of your awesome fleet with AvanHire.

Continous Maintenance

We offer continous maintenance of your website, as a cloud application AvanHire never stops to receive new updates, addons, and fixes.

SEO + Bug Tracking

At AvanHire we continously monitor and perform routine bug tracking to remove and keep your website healthy to generate the best SEO results.

Customer Reviews

Fully manageable customer feedback module, activate or hide complete module or just some reviews, totally in your control.

Technical Support

We have the best technical team available to you around the clock, you can reach us by phone, email and of course via our LiveChat. :)

Integrated LiveChat Modules

AvanHire has a number of chat mdules including our purpose developed LiveChat and Facebook Messnger on Cloud.


Great copy is essential in connecting your business with potential customers. Whatever the content you need, we can create best for you.

24/7 Hirer Support

With AvanHire you don't have to be always at your computer or phone to speak with your hirers, our system offers round the clock support via multiple channels.

Smartphone Booking

AvanHire has a native and built in "mobile app-like" interface when viewed on smaller mobile phone or tab screens, so your visitors can book vehicles on the go...

+ Tens more...

Ah yes! we've tens more features built in to enable you to get the most out of your vehicle rental business... Call us to find out more or have a demo of our awesome app... AvanHire.